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Limiting to 50 packs/month!

What is a themed WhinneyPack you ask?  This WhinneyPack will have some of same items each month but with a theme each month as opposed to our Mega WhinneyPack  - which is built & customized to how you fill out the questionaire.  

Packs will include items like a WhinneyAir freshener, tailbag, pack of horse treats & a few surprise small items in addition to one special monthly edition item such as a nylon halter, pommel pack, braided reins, bell boots or polo wraps which will vary each month & will be exclusive to only WhinneyPack subscribers.

The value of your WhinneyPack will ALWAYS be at least $60 and up and is a minimum of 20% off the total if you would have bought the items individually.

Each month will strive to feature another boss babe business as well 

This NEW themed WhinneyPack is a monthly subscription, Sign up by the 5th of the current month to be included in the next months subscription.  (By June 5th to be included for July)

You will automatically be billed each month on the 5th for your next months upcoming subscription. You may cancel at anytime by sending us an email but we have a feeling you will LOVE all the goodies sent out each month! 

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