Try before you buy - 15” DEMO SADDLE RENTAL


Does the listing say ‘Out of Stock”? That just means the saddle is out on demo! Subscribe to be notified via email when back in stock so you can “check it out” next! 

Saddle fitting on a horse is the equivalent to finding a great pair of fitting jeans. It can be a pain in the butt!

To ensure our saddles are the correct fit for you & your horse - we have developed a demo saddle program which allows you to fit & ride your horse in one of our saddles. 

How it works: 

The base price to rent the saddle is $1400 plus the cost of shipping to you. SEZZLE IS NOT A PAYMENT OPTION WHEN RENTING THE SADDLE. We will automatically refund you back should you choose that payment option.

 $1200 of that cost will either go towards a custom/instock saddle or will be refunded back to you should you decide we aren’t the correct fit. The remaining $200 is non refundable as it covers the return address label we send you & processing fees. Should the saddle show damage upon return to us - then we will evaluate the amount of damage and a portion of the $1200 will be deducted & not refunded back.  So please treat this saddle as you would treat your own tack with care! :)

We will ship the saddle to you via UPS ground with full insurance and the saddle will be “rented” for 3 days after it arrives to you. You can ride at home - take to a barrel race - etc  

When ready to return back to us - please contact us if you would like to move forward with a new WhinneyLite saddle or refund. We will then send you the return address label & the saddle must be shipped back within 1 business day of receiving the label. Delay in return will result in $50/day fine that will be taken from your $1200 deposit.  

Demo Saddle Specs: 

Gullet: 7”

Bar Spread: 13” - Full QH bars 

Horn Height: 3”

Seat Size: 15”

Cantle Height: 5”

Foam padding with covered Leather Bottom