Saddle Pal - Lightweight Saddle Rack

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The Saddle Pal is a lightweight portable saddle holder designed to accommodate various types of western style saddles along with a bridle, reins, and brush bag. It is designed to hold a saddle using the horn, pommel (fork or swell), and gullet.

It eliminates all the bulkiness of conventional saddle racks. What makes it unique is the fact it holds a saddle by the front instead of other conventional saddle rack patent designs. It is very small and is designed to mount on most any stall design or a structure. Suggested Max weight 40#

Bonus Features:

You can secure your saddle with a simple bicycle cable lock if you choose to leave it in the barn area for the duration of your daily activities

Saddle Pal is it allows the bottom of your saddle to dry out quicker from the sweat of your horse after exercise

Includes a hook for your bridle 

USA made 🇺🇸