Ready to Ship/Local Pick up: Wild child Lightweight Stall Mat



These unique ultra-portable performance stall mats are designed to reduce fatique and increase your horse’s performance for use in the stall or standing at the trailer 

Performance stall mats were created because we wanted something to use while traveling and giving therapy sessions to performance horses and livestock.
Why spend thousands of dollars on care for your performance animals only to have them stand on concrete at a show? We wanted an option for these animals to feel and perform their best, so we made one.’ 

• Lightweight - only 17#
• Therapeutic
• Durable and reusable
• Will not absorb moisture
• Great modality to therapy sessions
• Reduce cost of shavings
• Cleans easily

Perfect for using beside your trailer at a show. Two will fit perfectly in a 10’ x 10’ stall.

What makes these mats are different from others? Performance mats only use vinyl top with anti slip texture. This adds durability to the top as well as providing a safer mat - especially when wet.  

These equine mats are 1.25” thick, Anything less is completely pointless for a 1000lb+ animal.  Anything thicker makes the foam less durable and prone to crack.

These mats are the ONLY mats on market with the ability to have wall to wall designs using an uv ink technology from a very state of the art uv curing machine.

All mats are 100% made in the USA Both the vinyl AND foam are both made in USA allowing them to post the official ‘made in USA official seal’

Are these just wrestling mats?  
The answer is that they are SIMILAR to wrestling mats. However performance sat down with manufacturers & created a mat specific to animal use.  So there are different specs & thickness of vinyl that make our mats custom to animal industry.

Limited one year manufacturer warranty covering the f
unctionality of the mat.  For instance - if you are rolling it up & it breaks - we will cover it. Excludes wear & tear for animals because every animal is different. 

There will be normal wear and tear on bottom foam - of course - horses are standing on them ;) The top will have get light scratches & something very sharp will cut.  We say lifespan is at least a year with it still looking decent, keep in mind this also all depends on how often you use it.  It’ll last longer but may be more worn.  Designs won’t peel off as they are made into the vinyl top.