WhinneyPack - Sampling of WW Goodies

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Choose from 4 price points: Mini ($40), Pony ($55), Horse ($70), & Draft ($85) depending on your budget.

Sizes are based on value/size of box, not size of equine. Each pack will include variety of at least 4 different items that WhinneyWear makes or sells, at 20-50% off retail pricing.

While checking out, please make sure to copy and paste the below questionnaire with answers that pertain to your style and personality so we can create a pack just for you! Packs can include polo wraps, reins, cinch straps, accessories for the rider and much more.

1. What style of riding do you do? (Western, English, Eventing, Speed, Etc)
2. Do you own a mare, gelding or both?

3. What breed/size is your equine friend? 
4. What are your favorite tack colors/patterns?
5. Any additional info you would like us to know please put here....