WhinneyAir Fresheners


These are made with very high quality beads, scents & colors. Lasting time is usually around 30-60 days give or take depending on the scent. 

These can also be used to smell up other areas such as:

Tack rooms, Horse trailers, Closets, Offices, Purses, Gym Bags, Lockers, Bathrooms, Drawers and many more..

Do they melt?? In extreme heat they could, so we recommend using sunshades or not leaving it up with a lot of direct sun in very hot temperatures for extended periods of time.Do not lay your scent on the dash or other surfaces, hang with the attached string.


Do not lay on painted surfaces, wood, granite, etc; Only hang!

Do not let children play with these. Do not ingest.

Use sunshades and avoid extended exposure of extreme temperatures. We are not responsible for damages caused if melting occurs.