Bi Monthly Themed WhinneyPack: September Delivery


New Format!

Bi Monthly Subscriptions - USA shipping included in cost 

2022 Upcoming ship months: September & November

What is a themed WhinneyPack you ask?  This WhinneyPack will have some of same items each month but with a theme each month as opposed to our Mega WhinneyPack  - which is built & customized to how you fill out the questionaire.  

Packs will include items like a WhinneyAir freshener, tailbag, pack of horse treats & a few surprise small items in addition to one special edition item such as a nylon halter, pommel pack, braided reins, bell boots or polo wraps which will vary each shipment & will be exclusive to only WhinneyPack subscribers.

The value of your WhinneyPack will ALWAYS be at least $80 and up and is a minimum of 20% off the total if you would have bought the items individually.

Each month will strive to feature another boss babe business as well 

This themed WhinneyPack is a bi monthly subscription, sign up by the 15th of the current shipping month to be included in the next months subscription

Upcoming Billing Schedule:

July 15th -> September Shipment

September 15th -> November Shipment

November 15th -> January Shipment

** You may cancel at anytime by sending us an email but we have a feeling you will LOVE all the goodies sent out each month! **

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